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Beachwood Canyon Loop #3 - Hollyridge


Address:  3057 Hollyridge Drive - if you're doing the Beachwood Canyon Loop, you're still parked on Beachwood. The bottom of this stairwalk is at 3020 N. Beachwood, so if you wanted to do this one solo, then you could park on Beachwood near that address.

Description: Third set of steps in the Beachwood Canyon Loop (from Secret Stairs LA); they're down hill all the way -- and that's a compliment!

How many steps? 178 (out of 861 for the whole walk)

If you are on the Beachwood Canyon loop and coming from Hollyridge Drive, you'll be thrilled to know that this staircase goes DOWN HILL. Finally! YAY! That's the most exciting part of this stairway, if you ask me. Not that's it's not pretty, because this whole area is and just knowing that Hollywood history is alive in these hills is wonderful BUT there's not a ton more to see. Keep in mind this part is a little uneven -- I say that because I almost fell down the steps because I caught my sneaker heel in a big ass crack. Thank goodness I wasn't wearing my favorite heels! (Jessica Simpson Waleo's in hot pink, in case you were wondering.)

These narrow steps dump you out on Beachwood (3020 N. Beachwood) -- to find the next set of stairs, make a left, and head down the hill. The stairs will be at the corner of N. Beachwood and Woodshire Drive. (Keep going because the next one is my favorite of the whole Beachwood Canyon Loop!)

Location (Map)

3057 Hollyridge Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90068, USA
Beachwood Canyon Loop #4 - Woodshire
Beachwood Canyon Loop #2 - Westshire Stairs

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