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Beachwood Canyon Loop #2 - Westshire Stairs


Address: 2748 Westshire -- assuming you are doing the Beachwood Canyon Loop walk; you'll already be parked on Beachwood. 

Description: Second set on the Beachwood Canyon Loop (from Secret Stairs LA); all I'm saying is FAUX WHITE LIVES!

How many steps?: 149 (out of 861 for the whole walk)

This is the second set of steps I did in the Beachwood Canyon Loop walk, and it's a continuation of an uphill butt-kicker that started with the first set on Lower Beachwood. You know those quizzes on line that pop up on your Facebook like, "Take the Quiz: What Disney Princess Are You?" Well, if this set of stairs took the quiz, the answer would be SNOW WHITE for sure! More beautiful cobblestone-ish steps and pretty wrought iron handrails; lush vegetation and beautiful flowering plants; and even houses that look just like Castles. (FAUX WHITE lives in THOSE homes, no doubt!) I did this solo, so there was no Prince Charming or even a dwarf or two to save me from a particularly territorial mutt who barked his head off at me. (And no neighbors either -- despite the fact that there is not a lot of separation between the steps and the private properties that line the stairs.) On the flip side of the angry dog was a lovely doe, which was peacefully grazing in one of the yards as I passed by. That's what sealed the enchanted forest feel for me!

When you're heading up this set of stairs, make sure you have an electrolyte-filled "magic potion" with you cuz you'll need it! The last long stretch of steps (84, count 'em, 84!!!) is unbroken and goes straight up. When you finish, you'll be at the top of Hollyridge Drive, so if you're continuing with the 3rd set of stairs on the Beachwood Canyon Loop, just hang a left and you'll find the next set of stairs just beyond 3057 Hollyridge.



Location (Map)

2748 Westshire Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90068, USA
Beachwood Canyon Loop #3 - Hollyridge
Beachwood Canyon Loop #1 - Lower Beachwood

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Guest - Reyes on Tuesday, 14 August 2018 15:25

thank you for your information

thank you for your information
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